Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Where to Find Great Coffee Recipes Online

Although a simple cup of coffee is usually all we need, it's fun to try something different every once in a while. There are scads of free coffee recipes online, but where will you find the best ones? Here are some sources you might want to try. Some of the recipes are familiar favorites you are apt to find in any good coffee shop. 
  1. White chocolate coffee tastes like hot chocolate because it is made with chopped white chocolate, half and half or whole milk, and freshly brewed coffee. Source: cooksrecipes.com
  2. Who doesn't like a Milky Way candy bar? Add chocolate syrup and caramel syrup to espresso to make Milky Way Cappuccino at home. It's easy to make and should be a hit with anyone who loves coffee and chocolate. Source: recipezaar.com
  3. If you have never tried making cold-brewed iced coffee, you have to head over to smittenkitchen.com and look for the recipe that appeared on August 27, 2008. Looking at the photos of the whole process will leave you anxious to start brewing your own. It takes a bit of patience though, because the mixture of cold tap water and coarse ground coffee has to be left overnight. Is it worth it? You bet.
  4. Allrecipes.com has a Mocha au Lait Mix based on instant coffee you have got to try. If you prefer a spicier brew, try the Holiday au Lait at about.com.
  5. Tequila and Kahlua are both ingredients of the Mexican Coffee recipe at www.real-restaurant-recipes.com. This delicious brew is great anytime, but especially on a chilly night.
As you can see there are many different sources of coffee recipes online. A quick search for coffee plus almost any other ingredient is likely to find at least a couple recipes worth trying. Luckily coffee lovers are so inventive you will never run out of new recipes or tempting twists on old favorites to try.

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