Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Cuba Vacation Treat - Three Unique Cuba Hot Coffee Recipes

On my last trip to Cuba I decided to explore Topes de Collantes, a beautiful mountainous area in the center of the island which outstands for its incredible scenery and exceptional microclimate conditions.
It was too late when we arrived to Topes and after taking a walk around, we headed to the Coffee House to enjoy a cup of energy-giving Cuban coffee. I really had no expectations, just wanted some caffeine to put me up after the long trip. When we arrived to the place, Yansel, a young friendly guy, who is the only person working there welcomed us. He prepared a delicious cup of Cuban coffee for us. The best I had ever had. Then we talked to Yansel and some other guys from Topes museum who explained us how coffee was grow and processed. Yansel said that the coffee he prepares at the Coffee House is originally from Topes de Collantes and it is dried, toasted and ground right there. He talked about the different ways to make coffee and I took notes of some of his delicious recipes to try them later. I did and it was a real treat I got from my trip to Cuba. I have decided to share these Cuba coffee recipes with you. I hope you like them and if you decide to visit Topes de Collantes when you travel to Cuba for your holidays, don't miss the chance to enjoy one of Yansel's delicious coffee recipes.
Discover the past and taste of oldest coffee plantations in the slopes of Potrerillo peak. Get a hot cup of Cuba espresso coffee, flavour with honey, add some drops of lime juice and enjoy the strong and aromatic flavour of coffee on your lips.

An old Cuban coffee recipe prepared by farmers. It has become a popular cold healing medicine. Prepare a hot cup of Cuba espresso coffee, add some honey for flavour, put some Cuban eau-de-vie, add some ginger and sprinkle with some ground coffee.

Negro Cimarron 
Free your spirits with a cup of delicious strong Cuban coffee, add some Cuban eau-de-vie, flavour with honey and serve it in a jicara ( the shell of a Cuban fruit called guira, it is also used to make maracas)

Give it a try, enjoy these delicious Cuba coffee recipes. They are special for a cold winter night and I'm sure they will bring back images from your holidays in Cuba. I've posted many cuban drink recipes in

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