Saturday, 14 April 2012

Coffee Bean Varieties - Discover the Origin of Coffee Recipes

Try dropping by a cafe and you will see numerous people drinking all sorts of coffee recipes. You may see a person stepping out of the coffee shop, drinking an espresso while another one may be enjoying a latte while reading a book. Apart from being a stimulant, coffee is, most of the time, associated with relaxation because of its taste and aroma.
Nonetheless, where do these coffee drinks come from? Well, in order to learn about the different types of coffee, one must know the two types of coffee beans. The first one is Robusta and the other is Arabica. From these two, a myriad of coffee flavors and recipes have been created to suit the needs and preferences of coffee lover everywhere.
Robusta is the stronger of the two. If you want to experience coffee with a kick, you should definitely try grinding these. It has more caffeine and flavor, which as a result makes it bitterer. This is the coffee beans used for espressos. Robusta beans are cultivated in low places and are easier to take care of compared to its counterpart.
Arabica, on the other hand, may be less strong than Robusta but it accounts for the majority of coffee products sold in the mentioned beverage industry. It is from here that many of the coffee recipes are created from. Unlike Robusta, Arabica has less acidic content in it, has less caffeine and has a better taste and aroma. These are often grown in high places such as mountains.
Regardless of what coffee beans you buy, each has special and distinct qualities attached to them. If you wish to find out more about them, do not try to research. Taste and savor their appetizing flavor and aroma to your heart's content. Coffee lover or not, you will definitely experience the best the drink has to offer.
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