Thursday, 24 May 2012

Coffee Lover - Coffee Recipes For You

There are a lot of coffee lovers out there who are looking for free coffee recipes but they are having hard time to look for it. Today, I've decided to give some free coffee recipes to those who are really want to make a cup of good coffee to start their day with.
Pure Chocolate Nut Espresso with Whipped Cream Recipe 
If you are a chocolate lover, then this recipes will be yours. Learn how to make yourself a cup of good coffee and enjoy it at your own place. Relax and stay at home while enjoying the coffee. Spend some quality time with your loves with a cup of good coffee.

Just nice for 1 person in tall glass. 
1) 1 shot of Espresso 
2) 0.5 oz or 2 tablespoons of Bittersweet Chocolate 
3) 0.5 cup of Whipped Cream 
4) 0.25 oz or 1 tablespoon of Walnut Italian Style of Syrup 
5) 1 tablespoon of Pure Chocolate Powder

Equipments Needed: 
Espresso maker and Electronic Blender

Steps to prepare: 
1. Assume that the espresso is ready using espresso maker. 
2. Take a blender cup, mix espresso and with some ice. 
3. Fill up the blender cup with whipped cream, Bittersweet Chocolate as well as Walnut Syrup. Blend it until it become thick and fluffy. 
4. Take a tall glass to pour it into tall glass. Next is to top up with whipped cream. 
5. At last, put some Pure Chocolate Powder on top of it as garnish. 
6. Enjoy your glass of truffle.

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